About Sharon's Art


Portraits, especially of pet dogs, are Sharon’s specialty.

What makes an artist? At the basic level it is talent but, far more importantly, it is passion and understanding. That’s me.


Dog portraits




Portrait of Wilson


Most of Sharon’s works are portraits; mainly of pet dogs.

Of the dogs Sharon has painted, most have passed away so she work from photographs.

When doing these paintings, Sharon puts much effort and concentration into capturing the soul of the animal. People want not just a physical likeness of their much loved companion but also a spiritual likeness.

The expression in the eyes must reflect the dog (or other animal) and any characteristic pose needs to be captured. Sharon understands the importance of these things and works them into all of her works.

The same attention to detail is given to all of her work, including landscapes. A must see is Sharon’s triptique, Devastation which captures the plight of native animals caught in Australian bushfires.You can see these in  Landscapes & Other Art.



Sharon works from her own studio in Moss Vale in the Southern Highlands of NSW.

As most of her work currently involves doing paintings of deceased pets, it is largely from photographs.

However, she can and does paint from live subjects as in a painting of her friend: a painting that remained in the top 100 in the 2020 Archibald competition before culling was completed.

In the video of the cat, Sharon shares with us one of the techniques she uses to get texture and dimension into her works.

As she explains, she works in tiniest detail, slowly building up the pattern in this cat’s coat observing that it is more like wool than hair.

It is Sharon’s observation of the minutiae of her subject that places her apart from other animal portraitists. This seems to be due to the fact that Sharon herself has a deep love and understanding of animals – both companion animals and others.

Nevertheless, it is Sharon’s innate skill that is at the basis of her success as an artist.

Award for portrait in Casterton Kelpie Muster
American Art Awards 2020


In 2020, Sharon’s Kelpie portrait, Eager to Please, gained her 6th place in the American Art Awards in the category of Animal realism.

Questions I get asked most often

  • How much do you charge for a piece of your art?
    I normally charge $200.00 for an original work in A4 format, and $400.00 for an A3 size. Prices may vary according to the amount of work involved.
  • Who owns the copyright and reproduction rights to the artwork you create for me?
    You own the actual work that I create for you but I retain copyright of the work and also the right to produce prints of that work. This is in accordance with the ......
  • Can you do custom sizes and what do these cost?
    Yes, I can do custom sizes and prices vary. The normal practice is to charge by the square centimetre but I work by negotiation, depending on the amount of work involved.
  • Is the work that you create for me unique?
    Yes it is. I never create another painting or drawing of the subject that you commission me to do. However, I do retain the copyright to your work and may sell prints of that work. If I do so, I sell them as prints and not originals.