some of my portraits and landscapes


Remember Dogs You have Loved

Dog lovers know and understand the extreme grief of losing a favourite companion. Apart from allowing time to heal and then, maybe, adopting another dog or puppy, there is little we can do to alleviate the pain of losing dogs we have loved.

But those of us who have lost dogs we have loved know that Sharon’s Art can play a big part in speeding up the healing process yet still keep us close to the companion we have loved.

If you are in this situation or know someone who is, contact Sharon to start a conversation about a portrait of that wonderful dog.

(For those who are suffering grief from the loss of a dog, there are some helpful ideas on the web, including this site.)

Many of these images are available as prints.

People & other Animals

Dogs are the animals that Sharon is sked to paint most often, but she is also passionate about other animals whether they be wild, domestic or agricultural.

Here are some of her paintings of those.

Objects and Landscapes

I love nature and like to capture different seasons, good or bad. I’nm also up for commissions such as the one of the violin or the steam loco 3801.