Questions people most often ask me.

  • How much do you charge for a piece of your art?
    I normally charge $200.00 for an original work in A4 format, and $400.00 for an A3 size. Prices may vary according to the amount of work involved.
  • Can you do custom sizes and what do these cost?
    Yes, I can do custom sizes and prices vary. The normal practice is to charge by the square centimetre but I work by negotiation, depending on the amount of work involved.
  • Who owns the copyright and reproduction rights to the artwork you create for me?
    You own the actual work that I create for you but I retain copyright of the work and also the right to produce prints of that work. This is in accordance with the ......
  • Is the work that you create for me unique?
    Yes it is. I never create another painting or drawing of the subject that you commission me to do. However, I do retain the copyright to your work and may sell prints of that work. If I do so, I sell them as prints and not originals.